November 15, 2017

Customer Success Strategy

Maximize revenue, retention, and customer happiness.

Getting your customer success program and metrics right is essential to the driving the profitability of your customer relationships. Voyant will help you determine key metrics and goals, customer health measures, when and who to hire, compensation plans, and which tools you need to manage it all. Our Customer Success Strategy offering includes:

Strategy and planning:

  • Establishing goals and strategy for Customer Success
  • Planning and quantified forecasting activities
  • Research and information gathering from internal and external resources

Organization and people:

  • Establishing executive buy-in and organizational clarity
  • Developing customer success management talent
  • Implementing changes in roles, rewards, and personnel development

Processes and technology:

  • Establishing CSM activities and responsibilities
  • Evaluating and recommending technology to support CSM productivity
  • Implementing CSM processes and best practices throughout the organization

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